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Latinos in America are a diverse ethnic group with roots in a number of countries and regions including Mexico, Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Central and South America.  Latinos who trace their ancestry through Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean countries can even follow it all the way to the western coast of Africa.  Because of their diverse backgrounds, Latinos have unique needs when it comes to beauty and hair care products, which is why it’s important that they be able to find a great Latino hair salon in North Texas.

There Isn’t One Type Of Latino Hair

For Latinos, their diverse backgrounds mean that they don’t have just one type of hair.  Their European and African roots give Latino hair nearly all qualities, from straight to curly, to thick or thin; and that means that they need more than just one kind of hair product or styling technique to make it look its best.

The Right Products And Stylists Can Be Hard To Find

While every stylist knows that African-American hair is different and requires specialized products, tools and treatments. However, not every stylist realizes that Latino hair also requires special attention.  The right vitamin- and moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners and shine-enhancing sprays that help to repair dry, damaged hair are vital to Latino hair care.  The right stylist, at a Latino hair salon, understands that dyes that dry out the hair and tools that can damage it with excess heat won’t work on Latino hair.

Hair Tips Latinos Must Remember

Whether it’s for home hair care or hair care at a salon, these are important tips to keep in mind for vibrant, healthy hair:

  • For straight hair, add layers for a fuller look; and for curly hair, avoid texturizing the ends because it makes hair look frizzy.
  • Use a 1- to 2-inch wide curling iron for creating waves or loose curls.
  • Always keep skin tone in mind when choosing hair color.
  • Don’t skip the conditioner but avoid using too much product (especially oily product) as it can make hair look greasy.
  • Protect your hair before you straighten it with a primer that makes it easier to style.
  • Combat the effects of humidity with specialized products that stop frizz.

For great hair care, visit the Latino hair salon that understands what makes Latino hair unique, Parker Trichology Centre.  Call Parker Trichology Centre at (214) 307-6200 to schedule an appointment and visit to find out more about us and the hair treatments we offer.

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