short hairstyles for women

Getting a short haircut is always exciting; however, many people have difficulty selecting a particular style. We’re here to tell you that there are so many short hairstyles. You can even ask your stylist for opinions on what will look best on you. From Parker Trichology, here are some of the best short hairstyles for women nowadays. 

Short Hairstyles for Women

Messy Top with an Undercut

Undercuts are not just a style that men can show off. They are great for women too! It’s the perfect way to add edge and personality to your pixie cut. Try jostling your hair on top for some added volume and texture as well. 

Choppy Crop

Oftentimes, pixie cuts are styled to be classy with clean, side-swept bangs. However, you can switch up by adding a feathered fringe to lay across your forehead. This fringe adds an unexpected change to a classic style. The best way to achieve this is to ask for short, choppy layers all over and ask for help styling the fringe. 

Dyed Brush Up Crop

This hairstyle that Miley Cyrus has shown us consistently offers some personality and newness to a classic style. If you’re up for something bold, this could be an excellent style for you to try. You can ask for shaved sides and add as much volume as possible to the top. 

Classic Bob with Bangs

If a pixie cut feels a little too short for you, the classic bob with bangs is the perfect option. You can achieve a retro feeling with a sleek and smooth texture. This texture makes it relatively easy to style when you wake up, and you can still curl it when you feel like it. 

Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

You might be looking for a more significant change than just cutting your hair. In that case, a blonde bob with dark roots can be a fun change for you. As your roots start to grow out, you can leave them dark against your blonde-dyed hair. The best way for them to show is to part your hair directly down the middle. 

We at Parker Trichology are experts and would love to help you find the perfect style for you. Short hair can be intimidating but exciting, so ask our stylists for advice on what style will look best on you. We can help you with recommendations, discuss your options, and give you the look you’re searching for. Just call our office to set up an appointment in no time! We’re excited to speak with you.