Hair weaves are a quick and easy fix for women who want to change up their styles. They offer a chance to get instant results without damaging your natural hair. Want your locks to become 10 inches longer? No problem: a hair weave can give you that in just a few hours! Before you rush off to the salon to get the hair of your dreams, however, determine if this is the best option for you by weighing the pros and cons of getting a hair extension.

Pro: You Don’t Have to Damage Your Hair to Get What You Want

Dyes and chemicals that are used to achieve the appearance and texture that some women desire are extremely damaging to hair. Extensions offer these results and won’t hurt your natural hair. A stylist will braid your hair, then sew the weave into the braids. You can then style the extensions anyway you’d like. This means that the extensions will take the brunt of the damage created by curling irons, hair straighteners and other tools that are used to create the look you want, instead of your natural hair.

Con: Not knowing where to start

A weave or extensions can get pretty expensive to replace. It helps to first ask yourself a few questions when choosing hair for your extensions. How long would you ideally like to wear your new hair? Have you worn extensions in the past? If you’re new to the world of extensions, you may not like the length, feel or weight of the new hair so a shorter length may be a better option for you.  What is your lifestyle? How active you are will help decide which type of hair will look and feel amazing for you. What is your hair budget and how often do you currently visit the salon? Shorter extensions are less expensive than longer lengths. Extension services also require clients to visit the salon more frequently to make sure your hair and the extension hair is maintained with the proper shampooing, conditioning and trimming.

Pro: Instant Results

Growing hair can take a few years. Some women only experience hair breakage when they attempt to grow their locks, so they never end up getting the length of their dreams. With weaves, however, hair growth of whatever length you want is achieved within a few hours. You can also change your style whenever you choose. This typically can’t be done with natural hair and is a great option for people who are experiencing difficulty with growing or maintaining.

Cons: Finding the right type of hair and the right stylist can be challenging

Demand for long hair has grown abundantly over the last decade. With so many choices in stores, salons and online where do you start? Always go to a professional hairstylist that specializes in extensions. Interview the stylist and ask a few key questions, like how long they have been licensed, whether they specialize in extensions, and how long they have been licensed. Also, ask what type of hair they use, how long they have used that hair and who supplies it. You should also request to see examples of their work. By asking a new stylist these critical questions, you will know you have found someone with experience in extensions and it will help reduce any anxiety you have over the process.

Parker Trichology Centre Offers Solutions for Hair Loss

If you want a hair extension in the Frisco, TX, area, Parker Trichology Centre may be able to help. We offer hair loss solutions that can increase your self-esteem and give you the appearance you’ve always wanted. Schedule an appointment today by calling (214) 307-6200.

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