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The Best Ways to Take Care of Colored Hair

Colored hair is an every growing trend across the country today, so many women (and men) are rushing to hop on-board without considering the extra maintenance that is required to keep your hair healthy, and the color that you want for longer.  Taking care of hair is our passion at Parker Trichology Centre, so we want to make sure that... Read more
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8 Tips to Keep Dyed Hair Looking Fabulous

Color-treated hair requires extra care and attention to achieve the best results over time. Hair dye that fades within a week or two can be frustrating and a waste of money. The following tips from the experts at Parker Trichology Centre in Carrollton, TX will keep your colored hair looking fabulous. Wait to ShampooIn order to preserve and protect color,... Read more
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How to Enhance Skin and Hair Tone with Hair Coloring in Frisco, Texas

 Did you know the wrong hair color can make you look older? Matching your hair color with eyes and skin can make you look decades younger! Skin colors can be warm or cool, and matching hair colors makes a difference. What should your hair color be? If you have a neutral skin tone, you should have medium brown or... Read more