Meet Kerri Parker, WTS
Certified Trichologist

Hello!!! I’m Kerri. It’s so awesome to meet you!

I am the founder of Parker Trichology Centre. I have dealt with hair loss on and off my entire life due to eczema, so I know how it feels not wanting to leave your house, have fun with your friends or feeling like no one but your family and friends will truly love you.

I am from Abilene, Texas a loving, nurturing medium sized town in West Texas. At the age of five, I began to dream of moving to “Big D” (Dallas), and at twenty years old that dream became a reality. The Dallas Cowboys had just won the Super Bowl in 1993 and the city was on fire and so was I.

Over an eleven-year span, I worked at Pro-Cuts, Supercuts, J.C. Penney, Regis and Ebony 4 U. They were all totally different experiences where I was able to cut my teeth at learning how to master different hair textures. How have I been able to become successful? I love a challenge and my relentless thirst for the “why” in everything.

My sweet spot – the one on one experience. Hair loss is complex due to everyone having their own unique set of circumstances and “cause”(s). I must dissect through complicated personal information which in turn, positioned me to focus my attention on the person’s health and overall well-being AND nourish the scalp and hair. The word got out that this chic was helping people Balance the Body. Soothe the Scalp. and Heal the Hair. by implementing simple yet effective holistic ways to manage hair loss and a busy lifestyle.

In November 2007, I became a trichologist and began to infuse holistic therapies into all our services. We reduce the overwhelm, fear and anxiety of hair loss by creating a bite sized plan of action that is easy to fit into your current life and into the future.

I must confess, I’m a gadget junkie, I love to dance and kickbox and I bring an honest and sincere approach to the table. My current clients love my personality and feel calm and peaceful when they enter our centre. We use the latest up-to-date holistic therapies and technology to produce faster results.

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