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Which Men’s Shampoo is Right for You?

While men have been known to style their hair less than women, hair care still matters. What shampoos work best for certain men’s hair types? Kiehl’s amino acid shampoo is mild and easy for someone who enjoys the basics. Nioxin thickening shampoo is perfect for those with thinning hair. Seaberry revitalizing shampoo will soften damaged or unkempt hair. Broo offers... Read more
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8 Tips to Keep Dyed Hair Looking Fabulous

Color-treated hair requires extra care and attention to achieve the best results over time. Hair dye that fades within a week or two can be frustrating and a waste of money. The following tips from the experts at Parker Trichology Centre in Carrollton, TX will keep your colored hair looking fabulous. Wait to ShampooIn order to preserve and protect color,... Read more
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How to Deal with Hair Breakage

One of the most common and unwelcoming side effects of coloring hair is breakage. If you’ve dyed your hair before, you know that the chemicals inside bleach and hair dye are extremely strong and can dry out your hair very quickly. Dry hair is weak and susceptible to breakage, which usually occurs midway down the hair shaft or close to... Read more