benefits of yoga

Yoga is an ancient fitness form that has a myriad of benefits. It’s one of the many reasons it’s so popular! It’s known for improving one’s physical and mental wellness, but yoga can have indirect benefits for one’s scalp health and hair growth! We’re going to discuss a couple of ways that yoga can benefit your hair journey, and then we’ll suggest some poses that would be perfect for your practice.

Reducing Stress

Yoga is a very common way for people to reduce their stress levels. Because yoga is about serenity, focus, breathing, etc., it helps people slow down in life and release tension that they’ve built up. Stress is one reason that people experience hair loss in the first place, so when someone reduces their stress levels through yoga, they’re indirectly reducing their amount of hair loss. 

Blood Circulation

Certain yoga poses promote blood flow to the head which has been found to reverse hair loss. Inverted poses, poses where your head is lowered to the ground, causing blood to circulate to your head more or faster than usual. Medications that have this same effect are used to reverse hair loss, but since the effects of yoga aren’t ongoing once you’ve completed an inverted pose, reports of the benefits of reversing hair loss vary. 

Yoga Poses to Try

Whether you’re practicing yoga to reduce stress or increase blood circulation, it’s still a great opportunity to get your blood flowing. Here are a few poses you can try to see if you like the practice and the added benefits it has for your hair!

Standing Forward Bend

With your knees slightly bent, bend at your waist and reach your arms to your knees, toes, or to the floor. This pose promotes blood flow to your head and stretches your back and legs. 

Downward-Facing Dog

This is a very common pose that is also inverted and proves to be very relaxing. With all four on the floor, make sure your arms and legs are shoulder-width apart. Raise your hips and create an upside-down V-shape with your body. You should hold this position for 3 to 5 breaths. 

Child’s Pose

A child’s pose is a very restful and relaxing pose that’s commonly done at the end of your practice. It’s very simple. Kneel on the ground and bend forward, placing your torso over your thighs. Then stretch your hands out in front of you and bend until your forehead touches the floor if you can. Hold this pose as long as you like, breathing deeply.

Yoga is an ancient practice that has many benefits, but if you’re struggling with hair loss and feel like trying something new, go for it! Even if you don’t see a change in your hair, you’ll know you’re helping your overall health. If you want to talk to a professional about your hair loss journey and the possible treatments, contact Parker Trichology today to set up an appointment!