Does Trichology Work?

It does! Women and men who had given up on true hair recovery after years of false starts with other forms of treatment have seen incredible progress when they came in to see us! It is a healthy, holistic and truly effective path to long-lasting recovery for hair thinning and hair loss.

See what Parker Trichology Centre clients have had to say, and browse our gallery to see the results for yourself.


  • Kerri is a superstylist! I have been Kerri’s customer for 9 years and I love every hair style and hair treatment that she’s given me. I’m always complimented on the condition and style of my hair. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to look their best.

    S. Sneed, Customer 9 Years
  • Kerri has always been multifaceted. Although she has several areas of expertise, trichology, cutting, and coloring are where she excels. Over the past twelve years, she has cut, colored, and nursed my hair back to health throughout my life’s challenges. Her compassion, steadfast desire to grow professionally and personally, and skillset are what have kept me in her chair. Thank you for all you do, Kerri!

    Morgan May
  • My daughter & I have been a client of Kerri Parker since June 2009 after years of seeing a co-worker’s flawless hair. Selecting Kerri as my hair stylist was one of the best decisions I could have ever made! Kerri is much more than a hair stylist, she is a kind and considerate professional with a passion and purpose to educate her clients on how to take care of their hair @ home in between salon visits. On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest, I would definitely rate her a 5!!

    Monica Moore
  • I was beginning to get really concerned and depressed with my hair loss issue. In 2012 July, I first consulted Kerri Parker. She analyzed my scalp, hair condition, and PH balance since hair loss is linked with one’s general state of health. She talked me into getting some blood work done to help identify the root cause of hair loss. She mentioned upfront that it will be a long drawn process, but gave me hope and confidence that the problem is reversible. With her treatment, and hair products– I am finally seeing the end of the tunnel. I am seeing a lot of new hair growth. When I first went to Kerri, other than the hair loss, my hair texture was very rough and dull. Thanks to Kerri, I love to run my fingers through my smooth and silky hair now. I also like the private area that Kerri provides for the hair loss treatment customers. She has a nice facility that is quite, clean, and inspiring in color that makes up for my 40 minutes’ driving time to her salon.

    Laliya Agrawal

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