Colored hair is an every growing trend across the country today, so many women (and men) are rushing to hop on-board without considering the extra maintenance that is required to keep your hair healthy, and the color that you want for longer. 

Taking care of hair is our passion at Parker Trichology Centre, so we want to make sure that everyone understands the best ways to take care of their colored hair. So here are a few tips from our experts on how to prevent your beautiful colored hair from getting damaged or losing its color too fast!


Type of hair products that you are using in your hair is always important, but it is VITAL if your hair is colored. There are hair products for every type of hair, so you need to make sure you are using ones specifically for colored hair. Products that moisturize your hair are another must-have hair product. Since hair color dries out your hair, using products that will not make the problem worse are extremely important.


Speaking of shampoo, knowing when or how often to shampoo your hair is just as important as what kind you use. When you get your hair colored, wait for about 2 days before you shampoo it again. Also, you need to remember not to shampoo too often. Try to only shampoo and rinse your hair every other day. This prevents the color from fading and from the water from washing out too many moisturizing oils that help retain color. In between washes, try to use COLOR SAFE dry shampoo. 


Maintaining a healthy diet with colored hair is much more important than people realize. Iron-rich foods keep your scalp and hair healthy by building strong Keratin. This is the protein that keeps your hair strong and growing fully! Vitamin A is the key vitamin for keeping your hair healthy. It helps repair any damage that has been done by treating your hair. Vitamin A also helps keep your hair looking shiny and beautiful. Luckily both of these minerals can be found in many, readily available, healthy food items. These include fish, lean meats, leafy greens, and low-fat cheeses.

Avoid UV rays when possible

This one can be difficult ESPECIALLY during the summer months, but UV light from the sun’s rays causes your hair color to fade faster than almost anything else. Obviously, wearing a hat is the best solution, but you want to be able to show off your hair. Many products that are created specifically for colored hair have SPF in them.


Speaking of summer, chlorine can cause your color to fade, or at times, turn GREEN! So remember to apply a protective product such as a leave-in conditioner before you get into the pool.

Avoid coloring your hair too often

Coloring your hair too often prevents it from healing after your last treatment. Make sure that you wait until after your current color starts to fade to get your next coloring done. 

Hopefully, these tips will help your colored hair feel and look healthy. As well as make sure that your color lasts for as long as possible. For more expert advice and professional hair color treatments in Carrollton, TX, visit the Parker Trichology Centre or give us a call at 214-307-6200 today!