Summer has finally arrived, and its time to start spending time at the pool or the beach! However, while there is so much to love about summer, the damage that the heat, UV rays, and pool chlorine do to your hair is not one of them! Every summer Parker Trichology sees Carrollton, Texas patients complaining about the hair damage that summer causes, but not this year! Hair damage does not have to be a part of your summer. Here are a couple of ways that you can prevent hair damage and keep your hair healthy and beautiful this summer!

How Does my Hair Get Damaged?

The two main causes of Summer hair damage are pool chemicals and the Sun’s rays.

Pool chemicals, namely chlorine, are very bad about drying out your hair. Chlorine pulls all the natural oils away from your hair leaving it rough and dry. Chlorine can also cause chemical reactions in your hair. This causes your hair to become weaker causing split ends, or it can even change the natural color of your hair! Protecting your hair from the effects of chlorine is especially important. Chlorine will cause the color to fade, or sometimes even turn it a sickly green color!

The effects that the sun and its UV rays have on your hair are similar to that of chlorine. The UV rays cause dryness, brittleness, and weathering. These rays can even cause pigmentation loss! The heat of the sun causes you to sweat, and that build-up can lead to split ends or dandruff. The sun also will naturally make your hair’s color (natural or artificial) slightly lighter. Altered hair color can be especially frustrating for people who paid a lot of money to get their hair colored!

Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer

Here are the best ways that you can prevent this Summer from being a damaging one:

  • Use Conditioner – Restoring moisture the moisture that the sun leeched out of your hair is vital. So, make sure to use a conditioner that fits your hair type, FREQUENTLY.
  • When and How to shampoo – You might think that you need to shampoo more often in the summer since your hair gets sweaty and greasy more quickly. However, shampooing too often can cause your hair to dry out. When you do wash your hair, focus mainly on your scalp. When you rinse off the rest of your hair will be affected. It is also essential to use a mild shampoo in the summer since you may have to shampoo more often. The most critical time to shampoo is definitely after a swim.
  • Rinse your hair before swimming – This one may not make much sense, but it is helpful! If your hair is already wet before you get into the water, it will absorb much less of the harmful chemicals.
  • Summer Hair Styles – Hairstyles like pony tales, buns, and updos are both stylish and effective in protecting your hair from external damage.
  • Cover Your Hair – This is probably the most useful tip on this list. If you do not want your hair to get damaged, just keep it covered. There are tons of fun, stylish options out there as well!

If you are still struggling to keep your hair healthy and damage-free in the Summer, please contact Parker Trichology Hair Loss Center & Salon in Carrolton, TX. Our professional staff can help you figure out what you need to know and point you towards the right course of action!. Call us at 214-307-6200 to schedule a consultation today!