Temporary and semi-permanent hair color products are meant to provide a hair coloring option that is not permanent. These two types of products are versatile and can be used to refresh hair color, even out hair tones, correct color or provide added shine. They are generally gentle on hair and help in keeping hair conditioned.

Temporary Hair Color

Temporary hair coloring products remain in the hair until the next time you wash the hair. They improve tone, add shine and can add color to white hair. This type of product does not contain an oxidant or developer and is typically available as a gel, mousse, rinse, shampoo, or conditioner. The color molecules in this type of product stay on the hair cuticle and do not penetrate through the cortex. If the cuticle has any damage, the hair may require several shampoos before the hair color entirely washes out. This coloring option also provides 15% white hair coverage meaning that any white hairs will change in appearance by fifteen percent.

Benefits of Temporary Hair Color Products

There are several benefits to using temporary hair color products including:

  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Brightens faded hair color
  • Can close the hair shaft cuticle
  • Ammonia free

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Semi-permanent hair coloring products last longer than temporary hair coloring. Since it only deposits color onto the shafts, it cannot lighten the hair. The deposited color lasts between six and ten shampoos. It isn’t mixed with any oxidant or developer. This coloring option also provides 30% white hair coverage meaning that any white hairs will change in appearance by thirty percent. There are many benefits to using a semi-permanent hair coloring product.

Benefits of Semi-Permanent Hair Color Products

  • Provide many hair color options
  • Versatility in coloring damaged, porous and dry hair
  • Can condition hair
  • Contain no ammonia
  • Moisturize and smooth the hair cuticle
  • A safe alternative for people with damaged hair
  • Will wash out over time
  • Can be used to deposit color after pre-lightening the hair

Speak with your hair coloring specialist about any non-permanent color changes you would like to make to your hair. Keep in mind that non-permanent options will not allow you to lighten your hair color. Be sure to ask whether the recommended products are temporary or semi-permanent so that you will know how long they will last.

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