Hair loss is a frustrating problem that nearly everyone has to deal with at one point in their life. The best way to combat hair loss is to understand what is causing it and treat that problem. One of the most common causes of hair loss is Alopecia.


Alopecia is caused by the body attacking its own hair follicles. Causing that hair to fall out, and be unable to regrow.

Alopecia has some telltale symptoms that interestingly do not always manifest themselves as just varying degrees of hair loss.

This video will help you figure out if alopecia is the possible cause of your hair loss, by going over the most common symptoms. If you think your hair loss lines up with these symptoms, then alopecia may be the problem. Luckily, Parker Trichology is here to help. Our staff are all experts in hair loss treatment in Carrollton, TX and will find a treatment plan that works for you, whether it is alopecia or any other form of hair loss. Please contact us right away to set up an appointment!