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Hair coloring has gotten a bad rap over the years, but unless you are talking about DIY box color from the drug store or supermarket, the negative press is essentially undeserved. True, chemically treating your hair can affect it but, if you have a professional do all of your hair coloring you could find that your hair is healthier and in better shape after color treatment. Plus, there are hair care techniques you can and should indulge in between color sessions to keep your hair looking and feeling great.

How Can Hair Coloring Be Good For My Hair?

If you have fine, thin hair, an appointment with a professional colorist can make all the difference in the world in how thick your hair looks and even feels. According to Fox Style and Beauty, hair color enlarges hair strands which means more volume. If you opt to go darker than your natural color, you’ll probably be able to feel the difference in addition to seeing it. Those who would like to go lighter sometimes hesitate to do so because they are afraid the process will weaken and thin out already frail tresses. Again, a color specialist is your secret weapon. She or he will have professional products that treat your hair gently, and they’ll know how to incorporate multi-toned highlights to give your hair the appearance of even more volume.

Tender Care for Colored Hair

Color-treated hair requires a bit more TLC than natural hair. Shampoos and conditioners formulated specifically for hair that’s been colored work better to keep your hair healthy and retain the just-from-the-salon look, so you’ll need to use professional products recommended by your colorist. At home, wash your hair under tepid to lukewarm water–never steaming hot, and don’t over-rinse. Good Housekeeping advises that conditioning following every shampoo is essential, especially if your color-treated hair is fine or thin. That’s because delicate, thinning hair dries out easily making it prone to breaking. Also, avoid heat styling if you can. Heat sucks the moisture from all types of hair, but fine hair breaks more easily when over-dried.

If your fine or thinning hair has kept you from having the hair color you desire, the professionals at the Parker Trichology Centre can help. They’re experts in hair loss issues and treatments and can recommend a protocol for managing your condition as well as provide hair coloring and highlight services in Carrollton TX. Call the Parker Trichology Centre at 214-307-6200 for an appointment today.

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