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From a decrease in your overall look to intense emotional stress and a large reduction in your self-esteem, it is easy to see the importance of female hair loss remedies. If you are currently losing hair, proper understanding is essential to restoring your hair back to a healthy state. Here are 3 surprising facts so you can know a little bit more about how hair loss occurs and what options are available for treatment.

Female Hair Loss Is Not Caused by Over-Shampooing

After shampooing, you may notice a few strands of hair in your tub or shower. This is a normal occurrence, so you should not worry. In most cases, these strands are due to dead follicles. However, new hair will usually grow back into their place.

Washing your hair does not cause female hair loss, but if your hair does not seem to grow back over time, consider seeking out help from a professional.

Hair Loss Can Affect People of All Ages

The loss of hair is more common in older individuals, but people of all ages may lose their hair.

Certain medical conditions can cause children and adults to lose their hair. For example, alopecia is a genetic condition that causes hair to fall out. In severe cases, alopecia may cause a child to go completely bald.

Many medications and treatments can also lead to hair loss. Chemotherapy for cancer, stress, and many anti-depressants have been known to cause hair follicles to weaken and fall completely out.

Hair Loss Is Not Permanent

While surprising for many people to learn, hair loss is not typically a permanent disorder. Fortunately, there are many male and female hair loss remedies available.

Certain medications may be prescribed to stimulate hair follicles. These medications will strengthen weakened follicles while restoring existing follicles and strands back to a healthier state.

Laser therapy is also becoming a popular option to treat hair loss in both men and women. During treatments that occur two to three times a week for a recommended period of time, your trichology specialist will focus a safe laser light onto the scalp. This light will stimulate hair growth. Most patients experience new growth on the hairline of the forehead and all along the top or crown of the head. This innovative procedure is painless and effective, making it an excellent option for most patients.

If you are searching for female hair loss remedies, contact the Parker Trichology Centre in Carrollton, TX at (214) 307-6200 today.

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