An important aspect of selecting the right hair products, treatments, and styles, is knowing what type of hair you have. This makes it easier to style your hair, and it is important to know your hair type in order to take care of it properly. At Parker Trichology Centre & Salon, Carrolton, TX, we want to make sure everyone can figure out their hair type in order to make sure they can find all the correct products and know the correct way to take care of their hair. 

When determining hair type, you will need to know your hair texture, structure, porosity, and scalp moisture level. These 4 aspects will tell you everything you need to know about your hair.

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Hair Texture

Hair texture is the natural shape of your strands. The easiest way to determine your hair texture is by letting your hair air dry, and the way it dries will determine which of these for types, your hair texture falls into:

  • Type 1 “Straight” – If your hair dries straight, without a bend or curl, you have straight hair. 
  • Type 2 “Wavy” – If it dries with a slight curve, you have wavy hair. 
  • Type 3 “Curly” – If it dries with a distinct loop or curl, you have curly hair.
  • Type 4 “Coily” – If it dries with tight curls or spiral, you have coily hair. 

Hair structure

Hair structure is important because it determines how well your hair holds its structure & reacts with certain products. Usually, fine hair does not hold curls well. Medium hair is very easy to style and will hold its shape for the longest period of time. Thick hair, can be difficult to style because it is less malleable. In order to determine your hair structure, lay a single strand of your hair next to a piece of thread. Its thickness compared to the thread will determine your hair structure. 

  • Hair is considered fine if the strand is thinner than the thread.
  • Hair is considered coarse if the strand is thicker than the thread. 
  • Medium hair falls somewhere in between. 

Hair Porosity

Knowing your hair porosity is important because this determines how well your hair absorbs moisture and products. In order to determine your hair porosity put a strand in a bowl of water, and how deep it sinks determines the porosity. 

  • Low Porosity – Low porosity hair does not absorb moisture well, so it floats on the water.
  • Normal Porosity – If the strand sinks, but not all the way to the bottom, you have normal porosity. 
  • High Porosity – High porosity hair sinks to the bottom, meaning it absorbs moisture rapidly.

Scalp Moisture

Lastly, scalp moisture is the final aspect to determine your hair type. Most people’s scalps are either somewhat dry or oily. Knowing whether your scalp is dry, oily, or at times both is important because this tells you what else can do to fix your hair. 

Like we said above, knowing your hair type is really important in regards to determining how you style your hair, what products you use, and how you take care of it. 

If you are having trouble taking care of your hair, or determining your hair type, please contact Parker Trichology Hair Loss Center & Salon in Carrolton, TX. Our professional staff can help you figure out what you need to know and point you towards which products you need. Call us at 214-307-6200 to schedule a consultation today!