Hairdresser thinning customers hair in beauty salon.

Medline Plus reports that the average person has five million hairs that typically grow for about six years before falling out, at which time new hair is supposed to grow in their place. If your hair seems to be getting thinner and thinner, you might suspect that fewer new hairs are fulfilling their destiny to take the place of hair that’s been lost. The University of Maryland Medical Center lists a number of hair disorders that could be the cause of your hair loss, and just as many causes for those causes. Whether the issue of thinning hair is permanent or temporary, sometimes unique styling or haircuts Carrollton TX salons provide, can help camouflage the problem until you can find a solution.

First Things First

Before you can start considering different haircuts Carrollton TX, you have to find the right stylist, according to Men’s Health. Yes, you should definitely opt for a stylist over a barber or even a haircutter at a big-chain assembly-line-type of salon. A stylist will know how to choose a cut and style that is appropriate for your face shape, and that will make the most of the hair you do have. True, you’ll likely pay more for a professional stylist than the $10 you’d pay at a chain salon, but remember that you get what you pay for. One of the things you’ll be paying for is the training to style your new ‘do so that it looks as terrific when you do it as when the stylist does it.

Choosing the Cut

The right cut will maximize the hair you have to work with and detract from how thick it is (or isn’t). Oprah Magazine recommends layers to give the illusion of volume, and they provide lift, too. That is good counsel for men and women alike. Naturally, men are better off with a shorter cut but, regardless of the length, one tier of hair will feather over another tier to more effectively hide your scalp when layers are snipped in. Women who like a little length can still have it, but are better off with a shoulder-length cut to minimize thinness that is obvious when the ends separate.

If you’re serious about finding a solution to your hair loss, the best advice is to consult a trichologist. These professionals have studied hair loss extensively and know which treatments work the best for specific conditions. At the Parker Trichology Centre you’ll find the skilled and knowledgeable experts who not only create haircuts Carrollton TX clients love, but who can also determine what is causing the hair loss and recommend a treatment protocol, as well. Call the Parker Trichology Centre today at 972-245-4100 to schedule your consultation and start on the road to a beautiful head of hair.


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