It is a simple fact that we are going to age…but who says we have to look older. Staying healthy, taking care of ourselves, eating right, and exercise all benefit us. But did you know that even the right haircut helps maintain a more youthful appearance. When done by those who have the expertise, haircuts Carrollton TX  might just help to turn back the hands of time a little.

Finding the cut that enhances your features can make a huge difference in your appearance. Change can be good; it doesn’t have to be big. Even just a small change such as an update in your style can look great and take years off your appearance.

Trained professional stylists know the three main components to great haircuts Carrollton TX. Understanding hair is their business. Hair texture, bone structure, and maintenance time are critical to a good cut.

Hair texture, whether it is fine or coarse, limp or with lots of body, curly or straight, thin or thick differs with each head of hair. Before cutting your hair a good stylist will take notice of your hair’s qualities. The goal is to bring out the best in your hair, revitalize if needed and cut your hair to play to the strengths of its texture.

Oval, round, heart, or square, whatever the shape of your face, it needs to be framed in such a way that your best features will shine. An experienced stylist recognizes your bone structure and cuts your hair to flatter the shape. A little extra lift, give or take on the length, away or towards the face, along with shape and movement will bring hair to life and showcase the positive. Trained professionals will take this into account and capitalize on your bone structure helping you to look your best.

It can be depressing to pay for a good haircut then leave the salon without the know how or time to maintain your new style. Before cutting your hair talk with your stylist and let them know what type of maintenance time you desire.

Sometimes coloring, weather, and products can take a toll on your hair and cause damage. Good hair treatments can help restore, revitalize and improve hair by giving back some of that lost shine, bounce and body.

A snap of the shears in good hands can bring about fantastic results. It is one thing to merely cut hair, but to style is a whole different experience. A good cut is manageable and then some.

No one likes having a bad hair day. The best cure for that is to find haircuts Carrollton TX that fit you, your features, and your lifestyle. Here at Parker Trichology we have just what you are looking for and more. Who says that we have to look our age?  Let your hair bring out your youthfulness. Give us a call, let’s talk and explore the possibilities you hair has to offer.

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