Thick hair can be both a blessing and a curse. Lusciously thick hair may sound ideal, however, it comes with its proper set of frustrating annoyances and time-consuming struggles. Not to panic, the styling tips and product tricks we offer below can put you back in control of your hair, especially on days when things start to spiral into an uncontrollable mess. 

And of course, you can always leave it to the pros. Parker Trichology Centre is a full-service salon in Carrollton, TX specializing in all styles of hair, including black and Afro-Latina women. If you need help managing your extra-thick hair, or just want to get a professional styling, make an appointment today.

Use Bobby Pins Correctly: Always insert a bobby pin with the wavy side facing down. This guarantees an extra reliable hold, as opposed to using the opposite side of the pin. For an even more secure hold, try applying a hairspray. 

Try a Drying Enzyme: Drying your hair can be an extensive process that lasts all day. Letting your hair air-dry can be perfectly adequate, however, applying a drying enzyme can significantly accelerate the drying process. Similarly, using a head-wrap towel that absorbs excess moisture can make the world of difference.

Use the Right Blow Dryer & Flat Iron: If you’re running short on time, make sure your hairdryer has sufficient power, wattage, and ions. For the timely results and less frizz, Allure, suggests using an ionic dryer with a minimum of 1800 watts. If you plan to use a flat iron, make sure to work in small sections and go slow. Repeated passes through the same section can cause significant damage, especially if you don’t use a heat protectant. 

Try Extra-Grip Products: Do away with firm hair ties and trendy scrunchies. Use whatever feels and works best for you. Extra-grip elastics and accessories are intended to securely grip, without causing painful damage or potential breakage. 

Find the Right Brush for you: As if you don’t have enough to worry about when it comes to styling, brushing your hair can be a whole different adventure.  According to Cosmopolitan, a boar bristle brush helps to distribute the naturally occurring oils in your hair, cutting down on frizz and extra static. 

Braid it up: If you need a break on a day your hair isn’t cooperating, putting it up in a stunningly voluminous braid is often a great fix. 

Don’t Give Up, Thin it out: If all else fails and you still can’t control your locks, contact a stylist who can help you thin it out, while maintaining whatever style or uniform look you desire. Your hair can look the exact same, but feel immensely lighter and more comfortable.

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