Whether you frequently participate in competitive sports or follow a personalized exercise regimen, physical activity can miraculously improve overall well-being and life satisfaction. Physical exercise lends a variety of benefits, which often involve healthy radiant skin, increased mental sharpness, reduced risk of disease, and reduced levels of anxiety, all while helping you slim down into that pair of jeans you ambitiously purchased. 

While the positives of living an active and energetic lifestyle far outweigh the negative, there is no avoiding the harm and stress physical activity can place on your precious hair. Continuous exposure to sunlight, water, sand, and sweat during repeated movements, even while your hair is up, can cause harmful damage. Here at Parker Trichology Centre and Salon in Carrollton, TX, we see it all the time: ladies who are masters on the field, but could use a little help protecting their hair. Luckily, there are some essential products and available styling tips that help avoid damage, all while remaining confidently active and happily content with your locks. 

(Not So) Fun in the Sun

While the sun may be essential in perfecting your perfect tan or brightening up your morning run, overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light rays will almost always negatively decrease the health of your hair, especially if it’s color-treated. The sun works to break down the protective hydrolipidic layer that guards the hair shaft. Once the protective film deteriorates, your hair will quickly dry out and become visibly parched, dull, and brassy. In some cases, it may also become increasingly brittle, frizzy, and painstakingly unmanageable. 

The most common and effective procedure to combat UV damage requires, whenever possible, wearing a hat, especially if you expect to engage in extended outdoor activities. If you choose to forgo protection from a hat, make sure to apply a protective spray with SPF to the hair and scalp to effectively protect and moisturize.

Don’t Sweat It

Sweat damage and grease can be equally harmful and inconvenient as UV damage from the sun, especially if you exercise before work or school commitments. The best way to handle sweat-soaked hair, time permitting, requires a quick cleansing wash, followed by applying a small amount of styling gel.

Similarly, it’s never a bad idea to pull it back into a chic braid or ponytail. If you’re running short on time, lightly tease the top for volume and pull it back into a ponytail to refresh. If your hair still feels particularly greasy, applying dry shampoo before styling can be equally beneficial in reducing grease and moisture from sweat. 

Hair Should Be Tied, No Matter the Score

When it comes to styling, remember that overly-tight ponytails or braids can be just as damaging and uncomfortable. Again, the most effective way to combat this kind of damage is conscious prevention. Replacing conventional hair ties with ribbon elastics and soft hair bungees can work wonders in preserving hair health and promoting effective growth. 

For more information on hair treatments and damage prevention techniques, contact our professionally trained staff at Parker Trichology Hair Loss and Centre and Salon in Carrollton, TX. Call 214-307-6200 to schedule a consultation today. 

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