Understanding the common signs of damaged hair is extremely valuable.I t’s equally vital that you have an idea of your hair’s current state. Not to mention the influence and impact that your personal hair-care routine has. Consider the following signs of damage before applying hair treatment, dye, or style.

  1. Split Ends. Look for small, broken, or uneven strands at the base of your hair.  
  2. Heat Damage. Heat can easily harm your hair, causing it to become increasingly brittle.
  3. Extreme Breakage or Shedding. Shedding and breakage are often most noticeable while brushing your hair.
  4. Dulled Shine: Too much product can lead to lackluster locks and dullness.
  5. Dye Overload. Hair dye will strip the hair shaft of important oils and nutrients it demands.    
  6. Excessive Tangles. Damaged hair tends to easily tangle when combing or brushing.  
  7. Lack of Moisture. Healthy hair is flexible and soft, as opposed to brittle and dry. 

Of course, we never wish that you experience troublesome hair damage.

However, at times it may seem unavoidable. 

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