There are lots of different forms of treatment for hair loss, and most people like to look for the least invasive way to treat their hair loss. One treatment that is really attractive to people is “hair-loss shampoo”. While hair loss shampoo sounds like a simple fix, the verdict on whether or not it truly works is up in the air. 

There is some evidence that hair loss shampoo works, according to Dr. Raghu Reddy, one of the worlds leading authorities on male pattern baldness, but there is no “miracle cure”. 

The issue is that very few shampoos or conditioners have been subjected to clinical trials, unlike most other hair loss treatments. However, the claims made by the companies that make hair loss shampoo are not completely false. 

In general, hair loss shampoos fall into 3 major categories, all with the objective of increasing blood flow in the scalp. Those categories are:


Yes, believe it or not caffeine is thought to help combat hair loss. The theory is that caffeine helps enhance the length of the shaft of each hair and prevents contraction of the follicle.


Ketoconazole is an anti-inflammatory that actually has had some preliminary studies suggest that it might be beneficial to fighting male pattern baldness. 


Biotin is another name for B7 vitamins. It is a super important part of both hair & nail health, as well as skin cells. Skin health is very important in regards to hair follicle health. If you do not have strong hair follicles, your follicles will not be able to hold hairs in place properly. 

So do most of them work?

The honest answer is, no. MOST hair loss shampoos will not actually regrow your hair. However, one thing that lots of shampoos can do, thickens your hair, and give it more volume. So, if you are looking for a shampoo that thickens your hair, the most effective way to do that, is to look for protein-based shampoos. 

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