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Finding the appropriate haircut can be difficult for any woman, but it can be extra hard when you have thin or very fine hair. There are not very many haircuts for Carrollton TX for women that will retain shape and emphasize the face shape while not making thin hair look even thinner. There are, however, some haircuts that will work well for thin hair and can appeal to a variety of face shapes.   Here are a few:

  • Short bob

When you have thinning hair, you need to choose a hairstyle that will disguise the sparseness along your scalp. A short bob with sideswept bangs can look good with fine hair and the right face shape. If paired with a good highlight job, then it can give your hair dimension it might otherwise lack. For extra shape, add layers or styling substances. This will hide areas that are particularly thin towards the back and along the hairline.

  • Long bob

The long bob and short bob may have the same name, but they have a number of different applications for people with different hair types and face shapes. The long bob is a versatile cut that can look good with a variety of different face shapes, and is especially suitable for those who do not want to commit to a short bob. As haircuts in Carrollton TX go, they can also be cut at an angle for a slightly different look.

  • Layers

One of the clever things about layers is that they can make thick hair look more manageable and thin hair look thicker. This will be a way to make the most of your fine locks while not necessarily having to make your hair very short. A layered cut will also emphasize a face that would not be flattered by a longer cut. Layers take away some of the weight of the hair which would otherwise make the hair appear thinner along the scalp.

Getting a haircut that works for your face and hair type can be a difficult process, particularly if you have fine hair or are starting to lose your hair for whatever reason. However, it can be equally important to make sure that your hair is healthy as well as well-cut. One of the ways you can do this is to see professionals in both healthcare and haircuts in Carrollton TX. They can make sure to diagnose any underlying problems with your hair as well as make sure it is well-styled.  Call Parker Trichology Centre and Salon today at 214-307-6200.

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