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There are many different kinds of hair and each kind of hair has a few good styles that go with it. When you go in for hair cuts in Carrollton TX, you want to make sure you get a style that will work for your hair type. In the winter, frizzy hair can be a very common annoyance. If you have hair that consistently gets frizzy in dry or cold weather, these hair cuts might be the way for you to prevent frizz.

  • Curls

This might seem counterproductive, since natural curls are particularly susceptible to frizz. However, when curls are long and layered, natural frizz can add some texture and volume to the hairstyle. Layers give the hair structure which will keep it soft and bouncy. Thick curls can also go a long way towards keeping your ears warm in the winter, and they can be worn with hats.

  • Layered Bob

A bob hairstyle is normally associated with smooth locks that hang very close to the face. However, a tousled, frizzy bob can be the perfect compliment to some faces. Layered bobs can be worn with most hats and hair decorations, and they are versatile. Frizz can add texture to some bobs, and the layers compliment most faces. Unlike some winter hair cuts in Carrollton TX, a layered bob can leave some hair around the ears to keep them warm.

  • Updos

One of the advantages of simple updos is that they are not particularly difficult to do. Several styles, including buns or stylistically messy updos, look better with frizzy hair. Even tousled ponytails can make for a relaxed yet finished hairstyle. Updos can be worn in professional circumstances as well as for a night out or just for relaxing around the house. They are best worn on days when the temperature is not too cold, as the lack of hair around your ears can leave them cold and exposed and some updos cannot be worn with hats.

Frizzy hair is a comically typical hair predicament in the dry winter. However, there are some hair cuts in Carrollton TX which can help make your frizzy hair look good. Part of the process involves the help of a good stylist to help ensure that you get a hair cut that works with your hair’s type and texture. If you want the help of professional stylists who specialize in scalp disorders, call Parker Trichology today at 972-245-4100.

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