If you are like many women over the age of 50 that suffers from hair loss or thinning, know there is a way to help foster female hair loss regrowth in Frisco, TX. As women age, the density of the hair strand becomes finer. Even though this is natural, it doesn’t have to be accepted. Here are 4 effective treatments you can try to help:

  • Have your diet consist of a lot of protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B12
  • Massage your head in the shower to stimulate hair growth
  • Reduce use of heated styling tools
  • Have blood drawn to check iron and vitamin D levels

The specialists at Parker Trichology Centre can help offer services that will help stimulate female hair loss regrowth. Call us today at (214)307-6200 to schedule a consultation or visit us online at www.hairlosscentreandsalon.com.

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