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Millions of people suffer from hair loss due to various reasons, but some require female hair loss regrowth while living with a stress or anxiety disorder. While surprising for many people to learn, Telogen effluvium is a form of hair loss that is caused by excessive stress and anxiety. With this guide, you will understand more about Telogen effluvium and learn how to restore your hair back to a strong, healthy state.

Understanding Telogen Effluvium

A large percentage of individuals experience stress and anxiety each day. It may be unavoidable, but managing your stress with medications, exercise, and breathing techniques can help. Unfortunately, many individuals begin to lose their hair when living with emotional distress.

Your hair goes through stages of growth and stages of rest. The resting stage can last up to 4 months. Stress can increase the duration of the hair’s resting stage while affecting more of your hair follicles. This is known as Telogen effluvium.

Symptoms of Telogen Effluvium

The loss of hair may seem like an obvious symptom of Telogen effluvium, but you may experience this loss in different ways.

Your hair may begin to thin and become weak, eventually falling out. You may pull large clumps of hair from your scalp while brushing or you may notice hair piling up in your shower. The scalp is not the only area of your body you may lose hair. Many lose hair on their arms and legs, as well.

If you have experienced sudden or ongoing stress and are noticing that your hair is thinning or falling out, it is most likely due to Telogen effluvium.

Female Hair Loss Regrowth Options for Patients with Telogen Effluvium

Fortunately, Telogen effluvium does not cause permanent hair loss. In most cases, the hair will begin to grow back eventually. However, it is important to learn how to manage your emotions, reducing the physical effects of your stress and anxiety disorder.

After learning how to effectively manage your stress, you should focus on improving your diet to regrow your hair in a healthier, more efficient manner. Eating a well-balanced diet is a great place to start, but you can also take a few supplements to ensure you are receiving important vitamins and minerals.

Niacin and vitamins B and C promote healthy hair growth. Also, make sure your multi-vitamin contains Zinc and flax seed, which help restore your hair’s strength from the inside.

To learn more about female hair loss regrowth options for your Telogen effluvium, contact the Parker Trichology Centre in the Carrolton, TX area at (214) 307-6200.

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