There is always that one friend, family member, or celebrity that has a head full of beautiful hair, but nearly everyone has experienced damaged hair at one point in time. Weakened hair follicles and strands are not always permanent, but it is important to understand the causes of this damage. Here are some common causes of hair damage and how to restore your locks to health.


Physical stress is the most common cause of hair damage. This damage occurs while manipulating your hair into various hairstyles using hot tools, hair accessories, curlers, hair brushes, and combs. While surprising to learn, pulling hair into a ponytail, arranging it into a bun, or braiding your hair can all damage your hair.

Chemicals can also damage your hair. Coloring your hair or using chemical treatments are not the only ways this chemical damage can occur, though. Using texturizing products, hair sprays, gels, and mousses can also decrease the strength of your hair from the inside out. This damage is difficult to repair.

Excess pollutions, high heat, exposure to the sun, or freezing temperatures can also cause damaged hair. Known as environmental damage, this cause of weakened hair is challenging to prevent. Since most people will be unable to move from their current location, it is best to protect the hair from your local climate.

Lastly, eating a poor, unhealthy diet can decrease the strength and look of your hair. If your body does not receive essential vitamins and minerals through healthy food, hair follicles will become limp and weak, eventually breaking off and hindering regrowth. The use of various medications and even emotional distress are also versions of this type of damage.


Restoring your hair back to health will first require working with a specialist to determine the cause of your damage. Professionals can design a course of action to not only strengthen existing hair follicles but also to prevent future damage and hair loss.

Improving the hair from the inside will involve a healthy diet and daily vitamin supplements. Focusing on diet and nutrition is beneficial to your underlying health, which can improve your hair, skin, cardiovascular health, and emotional well-being. This treatment is effective for patients dealing with numerous types of hair damage.

For patients dealing with thinning hair and hair loss, more involved treatments may be necessary. Stimulating the scalp to promote hair growth is an option for patients to consider if they want a healthier and fuller head of hair.

If you have experienced damaged hair or actual hair loss, contact the Parker Trichology Centre in the Carrolton, TX area at (214) 307-6200.

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