10 Foods That Can Cause Hair Loss - Parker Trichology

Hair loss is something that many people struggle with. It’s very common, but are there things that cause it or make it worse? The answer is a resounding yes! Our diet and certain foods can promote hair loss and today we’re going to talk about what foods can cause hair loss or, more so, make it worse. 

1. Simple Carbs

Simple carbohydrates are broken down quickly by the body to be used as energy. They’re found commonly in fruits, milk, and milk products. The reason they may contribute to hair loss is that they increase sebum production which is an oily substance that the glands attached to the hair follicles release. Too much of this can be harmful to hair health.

2. Fish with High Mercury Content

Fish is very healthy for you, but like anything, only in moderation. A 2019 case report found that two women experiencing hair loss had high mercury levels due to how much fish was in their diet, and their hair loss conditions improved after adjusting their fish intake. 

3 & 4. Fried Foods and Red Meat

Much like simple carbs, fried foods and red meat are discouraged from your diet if you already experience hair loss because they could make your conditions worse. For the same reason as simple carbohydrates, fried food and red meat tend to increase the production of sebum which overall can be healthy for your hair, but too much can cause inflammation that’s harmful to hair health. 

5. Dairy

Dairy can be healthy for your hair. However, dairy contains a certain amount of fat in it which can increase the testosterone levels in your body which can lead to more hair fall. Additionally, if you suffer from conditions like dandruff, dairy can make the situation worse thereby causing more hair fall. 

6. Sugar

Overall, reducing your sugar intake is a good idea, and losing hair can give you another reason to do so. Sugar tends to affect your blood circulation negatively. When your blood doesn’t circulate very effectively, it makes it hard for your blood to reach the top of your head where your hair grows. This causes your hair to have trouble staying healthy.

7. Nuts

Many people, possibly even some you know, are very allergic to nuts and have an allergic reaction immediately when they eat them. This isn’t always the case. You might be allergic to nuts and have a delayed reaction that can cause a receding hairline, so you should be tested for such allergies to be sure this isn’t the case. 

8. Greasy Food

Along with fried foods and simple carbs, greasy food can have the same effect on your hair. The grease from your food can manifest into sebum production on your scalp making it difficult for your hair to grow. 

9. Carbonated Drinks

We mentioned blood circulation earlier. Well, we’re going to bring it up again. Carbonated drinks affect the insulin in your body by making it less responsive to sugar, so more sugar is produced. As we said earlier, more sugar means poor circulation and poor hair health. 

10. Alcohol

We’ve talked about oil and blood circulation, but one effect we haven’t brought up is dehydration. That’s where alcohol comes in. Alcohol in your system dehydrates you and; therefore, dehydrates your hair as well. This makes it brittle and easily damaged.

If you’re curious about other foods that can cause hair loss, your hair health, and/or how you can better care for your hair, contact Parker Trichology today to speak with an expert. We can set up an appointment and help you decide what the best route is for your hair conditions.