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The older we get, the more hair loss seems to be an inevitable part of life. No matter your age, though, there are solutions to your hair loss. There are many solutions to your situation, whether it be extensions, wigs, or something else entirely. There are six primary reasons you may be losing your hair, and this may help you determine how to help you look your best. Whether it is a little cover-up or a large area that needs assistance, most hair loss is a result of these reasons:

  1. Genetics. A hereditary condition is something out of anyone’s control. If your family has a history of hair loss, it is likely that you may experience a similar problem. While a mother’s genes may be slightly more dominant, a father’s hereditary is still a critical aspect in determining hair loss. If you think your genetics are steering you down a similar path, visiting a hair loss treatment center can help you control your situation sooner rather than later.
  2. Stress. While genetics are out of your control, stress is very much in your control. Ongoing stress can cause a plethora of problems, hair loss included. If you think that stress is causing hair loss, changing your lifestyle can dramatically improve the issue. While stress comes in many forms, aiming for more sleep, exercising regularly, and eating right can alleviate stress and save your hair.
  3. Eat better. Fast food and unhealthy snacks may seem like harmless treats, but these cheat meals add up to a more significant problem, such as hair loss. The grease and empty calories do not provide enough nutrition to sustain your hair or give it a healthy sheen. Especially if your meals are lacking in iron, you can expect to see hair problems down the line.
  4. Health. Exercise stimulates the senses, regulates your body, and helps your mental faculties. Whether it be yoga, pilates, running, meditation, or another form of exercise, good health can help to prevent hair loss. Additionally, taking proper care of your health aligns with better nutrition and lowered stress!
  5. Medical conditions. Like genetics, medical conditions tend to be out of our control to an extent. If you have a situation that is causing baldness or taking medication that has hair thinning side effects, experiment with hair loss treatment in Frisco. Professionals can help you gain your confidence, especially given a medical history.
  6. Environmental situations. Sometimes, the environment you are in can be causing hair loss. One of the most common factors includes smoking or living with those who smoke. Indoor smoking is not only dangerous to your health but can cause hair loss if sustained over a long period.

While hair loss may seem out of your control, there is always good news. Hair loss is often a slow progression, and there is a treatment for every person’s situation. If you are looking for a fix, let Parker Trichology Center cure your hair loss in Frisco, Texas. To learn more, call (214) 307-6200.

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