When combating hair loss, it is crucial to get to the root of the problem; literally! Thinning and loss of hair in both men and women are related to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a potent hormone created when an enzymatic reacts with scalp skin and hair root. This reaction creates the perfect environment for a scalp disorder, hair thinning and all. This hormone can create a plethora of hair disorders, but there is treatment available to address all symptoms. Do you think you may be suffering from a scalp disorder? Look for these critical disorders by their specific symptoms:

  • Eczema. If your skin is affected by seborrhea eczema, it will be thick and crusty. Genetics, diet, or other environmental factors can contribute to eczema. To alleviate symptoms, avoid processed sugars, milk, fried foods, and soft drinks. Replacing these foods with raw fruits or vegetables will dramatically improve your skin.
  • Psoriasis. Red and inflamed skin covered in white scales is an indicator that you have psoriasis, one of the most common skin disorders. Upper respiratory infections, strep throat, or certain medications may cause this, in addition to alcohol consumption.
  • Pityriasis amaintacea. This disorder occurs in two stages; the first stage causes oozing from the scalp in addition to an odor, followed by a second stage that creates a stickiness to the scalp that is difficult to remove. Pityriases amaintacea is one of the most problematic disorders leading to hair thinning in Carrollton, Texas, and usually, it requires professional help.

Red skin, thick skin, flakes or crusty skin, or an odor on your scalp means that you need to see a hair care professional. Treatments that help ease these uncomfortable and unsightly symptoms include organic shampoos and conditioners, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other products or procedures to create specialized treatments for thinning hair. The earlier you diagnose your symptoms, the more effective treatment will become. Because every scalp is different, it is best to visit a specialist to determine what treatment of specific products and regiments will work best with your skin.

If you have been looking for an answer to your scalp disorder symptoms, don’t hesitate to call Parker Trichology Center for the best specialists in hair thinning. Their history of experience and personalized attention will make you feel safe and secure when it comes to finding a hair care solution. Scalp disorders don’t have to be a problem when you know the right professionals. For more information, call  (214) 307-6200.

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