Semi-permanent hair colors are all the rage right now. Whether it is a new look for a party/festival, or if you want to try our a new color and see if you like it, semi-permanent hair color offers flexibility. However, the question that is asked by many patients is, “Is it healthy?” This is a valid and vital question to ask of any hair treatment. At Parker Trichology, our goal is to make sure you have healthy, beautiful hair that makes you proud. So, here are the things that you need to know about semi-permanent hair color!

What Is Semi-Permanent Hair Color?

Semi-permanent, unlike permanent hair colors, only colors the outside of the hair. One of the advantages of temporary hair color is that it does not need to be pre-mixed as permanent ones do. They are much simpler to apply. Another advantage is that they give your hair a more natural appearance. Since there is no bleach in them, semi-permanent hair color does not drastically lighten the original shade of your hair. Semi-permanent hair color, like the names suggests, does not last a super long time, which makes it great for trying a new color that you are not quite sure about. However, when you find a color that you like, this can be a disadvantage.

Semi-permanent hair color lasts about 28 washes on average. This number depends on your hair type. This fact leads to the question of “how often can I use semi-permanent colors?”

Is It Healthy?

As we said above, the most common question that comes with semi-permanent hair color is how often it can be applied. The answer to this question, in turn, answers if it is healthy.

Applying any hair treatment too often can lead to severe hair damage. Excessive, colors, dyes, and heat start to break down the hair fibers. Over time, this leads to a dry, coarse, and damaged appearance.

As your hair gets more damaged, it becomes significantly more difficult to style and maintain. People who suffer from split ends and breakage often do so because they colored their hair too often.

All of this is to say that yes, semi-permanent hair colors are safe if you use them sparingly. The general rule of thumb is that you should have at the very least 6-8 weeks in between colorings. This amount of time gives our hair plenty of time to heal. One issue with temporary hair colors is that they generally do not last that long. So, if you have a color that you like, we recommend getting a permanent color job done.

If you decide to go for something more permanent, the Parker Trichology Centre and Salon in Carrolton, TX is here to help! We offer many options for hair color treatments, but more importantly, we are here to help if your hair is damaged! If your hair is suffering from breakage, split ends, or dryness, overtreatment may be to blame. If you are suffering from hair damage of any kind, or are just interested in a color treatment, contact Parker Trichology for an appointment today!