There are few things more frustrating dealing with hair breakage. The problem just does not seem to want to go away, and it prevents you from getting your hair how you want it to look. Hair breakage problems are one of the most common issues that bring patients into the Parker Trichology Center and Salon in Carrollton, TX.

Hair breakage occurs when your hair breaks off faster than it is growing. So it is still growing, but it is not healthy at all. Hair breakage stems from hair damage caused by overtreating or using curling irons too often. However, you can still use all the hair products you usually use as long as you protect your hair correctly.

Preventing Hair Breakage

Like we said above, hair breakage stems from people over-processing their hair and not taking precautions to protect it. Here are just a few of the ways that you can stop that frustrating breakage for good!

  • Protectant sprays – Protecting your hair from heat and UV rays is VITAL for keeping your beautiful hair healthy. How to protect your hair from the sun might seem confusing if you do not have a hat, but there are many options! There many sprays that you can apply before going swimming or to the beach that will protect your hair from the sun. It is also essential to use a heat protectant spray before you use any heat-styling tool. Heat protectants prevent your hair from drying out and becoming damaged, leading to breakages.
  • Hair masks – Hair masks are a great way to nourish & hydrate your hair. There are tons of options out there, and if you search online, there are also many options for DIY masks.
  • Maintain a healthy diet – Eating a well-balanced diet is a great way to supply your hair with the nutrients it needs. There are even vitamin supplements specifically designed for keeping your hair nourished and healthy! However, the best thing is simply to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Combatting Hair Breakage

So you already have some breakage. What is next? There are plenty of products out there that can help restore your hair and return it to something that that will make you proud.

  • Strengthening conditioners or shampoos – The best way to restore your hair is to strengthen it again. Because hair breakage stems from your hair becoming too weak to keep its structure.
  • Repairing masks – Just like there are masks that will help prevent breakage, there are also plenty of hair masks that will help restore your hair!
  • Silky scrunchies – If you are going to use scrunchies, make sure you use silky ones. They will help keep your hair tangle-free. Satin ones are a great option!

If you still are struggling to prevent hair breakage, Parker Trichology Centre in Carrollton, TX is here for you! Not only can we help you learn about your hair and how you can prevent breakage, but we can also help you recover from it. If you are not satisfied with how your hair looks or feels, please contact us today!