Hair is an important feature of your individuality. You cut and style your hair to reflect your individual personality and lifestyle. Poor hair growth and hair loss can significantly impact your self-confidence and well-being.

There are many products on the market that claim they can regrow your hair and help to fill in bald spots. They attract buyers through advertising programs that show celebrities and regular people who have gone from hair loss and limp lifeless hair to full heads of thick lustrous hair. While a few of these products may help to condition your hair strands, many do not provide the necessary stimulation for hair growth.

Scalp massage is an effective option for promoting hair growth. It can be beneficial to hair growth by increasing blood flow. This type of massage involves applying pressure to the scalp through kneading and rubbing movements with the fingers.

Scalp Massage

Trained massage therapy professionals can help to condition your scalp and enhance your hair growth. Their services can also help you to relax and reduce your stress levels. The kneading motions of a scalp massage warm your skin, reduce constriction in blood vessels and increase blood circulation. The increase in blood flow leads to increased intake of necessary nutrients. The rubbing motions help you to relax and reduce your stress. This combination improves your hair’s ability to grow.

Nourishing Oils

The addition of nourishing oils during a massage can provide more conditioning to the root and the shaft of the hair. This can reduce issues that interfere with hair growth like dry skin. Scalp massage involving oils can also prevent hair from splitting and breaking.


As well as stimulating blood circulation in the scalp and promoting hair growth, scalp massage also soothes the head, prevents the onset of headaches and promotes better sleep. Your trained massage therapist will customize your treatments to suit your individual hair and scalp health issues.

Finding a Therapist

If you are looking for a scalp massage therapist to help you with your hair issues, be sure to choose your therapy professional carefully. Speak with potential therapists about their education, certification, and services they provide. Check to see whether their services are covered by your insurance provider. Insurance coverage can help in reducing the potential costs of scalp massage therapy. If possible, research online for reviews of their services. Reputable and reliable therapists will generally have many positive reviews from satisfied customers.

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