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An African-American woman who experiences hair loss in the Lone Star State not only needs an excellent black hair salon in Frisco, TX, they also one that also specializes in hair loss treatment. Hair loss often has negative effects on a person’s self-esteem, and this is particularly the case with women. Although the causes of hair loss in African-American women vary, a few reasons are often to blame.

Hair Loss Can Start When You’re a Child

African-American females often turn to harsh and painful hair treatments to achieve the texture and appearance they desire. Oftentimes, this begins when they are children. Girls who want to have smooth hair typically use relaxers to take their locks from curly to straight. Although relaxers are often effective, they contain harsh ingredients that not only damage the hair strands, but also the scalp. The chemicals can actually burn the scalp and over time can result in shiny bald spots.

Tight hair styles can also cause hair loss. Braids that are too tight can pull the hair out from the scalp and eventually prevent it from growing, a condition called traction alopecia. Additionally, braids that are too tight can cause inflammation, and dirt and bacteria can become trapped under the hair, which can cause infection. Hair loss from too-tight braid foundations can begin early or appear as a woman ages.

The Link Between Weaves and Hair Loss

Weaves are expensive, and it makes sense to want to leave them in as long as possible to get the most out of your money. Unfortunately, leaving them in for extended periods of time can cause hair problems. Women can’t effectively wash their hair and scalps while wearing weaves, which can lead to infection. Eventually, having chronic infections can cause hair loss. To reduce your chances of experiencing hair loss from weaves, avoid wearing the same weave for more than 12 weeks.

Preventing Hair Loss

If you choose to have a professional treat your hair, choose a black hair salon in Frisco, TX that is clean and practices safe hair treatments. For instance, stylists who give relaxers should never leave the treatments in for so long the scalp begins to burn.

Women who use relaxers should also try to extend the time between their treatments. Waiting two months between applications or until you have at least 1 inch of new growth is ideal. Can’t stand the way that new growth looks? Have your stylist use a hot comb to get it smooth.

You Don’t Have to Live With Hair Loss

The way you feel about yourself affects every aspect of your life. Don’t let hair loss stop you from realizing how beautiful you are: do something about it. Parker Trichology Center offers innovative hair recovery treatments that can make you feel gorgeous and look even better. Our black hair salon in Frisco, TX is one of the only salons in the area that offers these types of treatments. Speak with us today about treatment options by calling 214-307-6200 and get the hair you want immediately.

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