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Most women have some kind of struggle with their hair, but anyone who works in a black hair salon in Frisco, TX can tell you that black hair is different and that African-American women have a unique set of daily, hair-related struggles.  Black hair is especially fragile and prone to injury and damage that can lead to hair loss; in fact, many African-American women site hair loss or hair thinning as their main hair concern.  But there are steps that can be taken to minimize hair loss and to keep black hair looking beautiful:

  1.  Wash hair every week or every other week. This will minimize damage from shampoos that can dry hair but will be more than effective at removing any residual hair treatment products that can also cause dry hair.
  1.  Use a conditioner after every wash.  Choose a moisture-rich conditioner and take care to apply it all the way to the ends of the hair where the hair is older and more fragile.
  1.  Use a hot oil treatment twice a month.  Hot oil adds additional moisture and elasticity to hair.
  1.  Protect hair from styling heat. Choose a good heat-protecting hair product and apply it to hair while it’s wet to minimize hair damage.
  1.  Be cautious with hair relaxers.  The active ingredient in most chemical relaxers is a strong alkali, which makes it difficult to use in a way that doesn’t damage hair or skin.  If you must use relaxers, get help from a professional and never apply relaxer to hair that’s already been relaxed.  If touch-ups have to be done, relaxer should only be applied to new hair growth.
  1.  Get the right professional help.  Don’t go to just any hair care professional to get help.  Choose a black hair salon in Frisco, TX that has stylists who are trained to properly care for black hair.
  1.  Use only ceramic combs or irons to press hair.  Choose ceramic over metal combs and flat irons to press hair because ceramic has a very smooth surface finish, distributes heat more evenly to keep moisture in the hair shafts and leaves hair looking silkier and straighter.  Try to straighten hair no more than once a week and choose an iron or comb that has a heat selection dial to stay in control of the amount of heat applied to hair.
  1.  Don’t get tight weaves, braids or cornrows.  Pain equals damage.  Tell your stylist to stop if you feel any pain during the process of cornrowing, braiding or the application of a weave.  All of these processes that involve tugging on the hair and scalp can lead to hair loss that often is not reversible.

Black hair is beautiful.  Keep it that way by visiting the best black hair salon in Frisco, TX, Parker Trichology Centre.  At Parker Trichology Centre, our stylists are experts at caring for black hair.  Call us at Parker Trichology Centre at (214) 307-6200 to make an appointment and visit us online at

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