Tired of frizzy and unmanageable hair? It may be time to consider a keratin treatment. A keratin treatment chemically smoothes and adds shine to frizzy hair.

Here are things to consider before asking your stylist for the treatment.

1. Brazilian blowout vs. Smoothing treatment
They are similar but with one unique difference. Blowouts alter hair texture while smoothing treatments de-frizz hair and add shine.

2. Both use the chemical formaldehyde
In small treatments, three or four, the risk is minimal. A product can say formaldehyde-free but still contain ingredients that create the gas.

3. Results may vary.
Your hair may take to the treatments differently. Many factors can affect hair including, the strength of treatment, heat levels, and hair porosity.

4. It’s not cheap
Depending on the stylist and the type & length of hair, costs can start at $200.

If you are struggling with your hair it may be time to consider this treatment. For help with your hair treatments in Carrollton Tx, contact the Parker Trichology Center at 214-307-6200 today!

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