We all want hair that looks like we just stepped out of a salon, but hectic schedules and busy lifestyles can make it difficult to visit your hair care specialist as often as you would like. You can maintain your just blown-out look by following several essential hair rules at home.

Reconsider When You Wash Your Hair
Overwashing your hair can cause damage especially if it has had any harsh treatments. Washing your hair every day can strip it of the oils and proteins needed to keep it healthy. Keep hair washing to every other day if possible. If you have curly hair, you can wait even longer in between washes. Avoid shampoo products that have silicones and sulfates in them.

Keep Your Hair Protected
Heating and curling tools can quickly damage your hair. It’s vital to apply a protective product to your hair before using any tool that uses heat.

Use Good Tools
Invest in top quality products to use on your hair. Products and tools that should be high quality include brushes, dryers, curlers, and straighteners. Top notch tools will keep your hair strong and looking healthy. Remember to clean all of your tools on a regular basis.

Condition Properly
A good conditioning product is crucial to all types of hair but especially to curly and thick hair. To ensure that your conditioner is adequately absorbed, towel dry your hair after you wash it. Excess water will pull the conditioner off of the strands. Pat your hair dry to allow the conditioner to penetrate and keep your hair healthy.

Choose the Right Products for Your Hair Type
While hair care products with argan, olive and coconut oil can add extra hydration, they are often too heavy for fine hair. These products can cause fine hair to appear limp and flat. Aloe oil is lighter and will hydrate your hair without making it look greasy. Thick hair requires extra hydration. Invest in a product that will provide the most moisture possible. If your thick hair becomes frizzy, use a light smoothing product to tame it without weighing it down. If you have curly hair, choose a heavier serum to smooth it. Coarse hair needs a product that can get to the entire shaft of each strand. Use products with jojoba oil or shea butter. Consider using a pre-shampoo product to give your hair the best hydration treatment possible. If you have color treated hair, avoid hair care products that will strip the tint and leave a residue. Apply a hydrating protein mask to rebuild strength and restore elasticity.

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