Women who are tired of using harsh chemicals and damaging tools on their hair often decide to go with the natural approach. And although natural hair is gorgeous, going the chemical-free route isn’t for everyone.

Advantages of Choosing Natural Hair

Before you walk into a hair salon and announce you are now au natural, you’ll want to make sure you know what you are getting into before you take this step. Many women choose to skip chemical treatments to make their hair healthier and decrease the amount of damage it sustains.

Relaxers, hair color, extensions and tools that use heat, like straightening irons, can potentially cause irreversible damage to your tresses. Removing these items from your beauty routine, however, prevents more from occurring.  Some women only forego applying chemicals to their hair and still use their flat irons and hair dryers. Although this can still cause some damage, it can provide similar results without hurting your hair as much.

Disadvantages of Choosing Natural Hair

Although going natural is gentle for your ‘do, it involves a good amount of work. You’ll need to provide some TLC to your hair on a daily basis. Additionally, styling natural hair can take much longer than using products. Since you don’t have the potentially dangerous chemicals doing the work for you, the results you want may take longer. What’s more, since no head of hair is the same, you may have to experiment to find out what works for you.

Caring for Natural Hair

Keeping your hair moisturized is perhaps the most critical aspect of caring for natural hair. Apply conditioner to your hair after every shampoo, and opt for a deep conditioning treatment once a month. And if you’re going the natural route, it makes sense to use products that are natural and organic.

To prevent dryness, you’ll also want to wrap your head in a scarf when you go to sleep. Your pillowcase can remove the moisture from your hair, leaving it dry. A scarf, however, can protect it.

While some women like to cut their hair to remove their damaged strands, others aren’t ready for such a drastic change. Bantu knots or two-strands twists are an option while you are growing out your hair, or braids or hair extensions can work, too.

The important thing to remember is not every head is the same, and you’ll likely need to try different techniques until you find something that works for you.

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