As an African American woman, you most likely worry about the risk of needing hair loss treatment for your hair. Not only is your hair’s look, feel, and strength different than the hair of a Caucasian or Asian woman’s, but caring for your hair requires a great deal more time and effort. Here are a few tips to care for your hair in a way that will make it look and feel healthier and stronger.

Cleanse Gently

African American hair is coarse and brittle, so you should avoid extensive cleansing with shampoos that contain harsh chemicals. You should only wash your hair once a week.

Make sure to use gentle motions when shampooing your hair to avoid breakage. In addition, choose a gentle cleansing shampoo that is specifically designed for African American’s hair.

Condition Daily

To reduce the risk of breakage and avoid ongoing hair loss treatment for African hair, make sure to condition your hair regularly.

On days where you shampoo, apply a conditioner that contains natural ingredients. Look for a deep conditioner with botanical products, which coat the hair, strengthening follicles and strands from the inside out.

Applying a leave-in conditioner to your hair on days when you do not shampoo is also helpful for restoring dry, damaged hair. Consider a hot oil treatment every other week to add moisture, shine, and restore elasticity to brittle hair.

Relax on Relaxers

The excess heat and chemicals used in relaxing products may be effective for straightening your hair, but they can cause extensive damage to your hair.

To protect your hair’s look and strength, consider reducing the number of times you use a relaxing product. Instead of using a relaxer every 6 to 8 weeks as recommended, allow your hair to show curl naturally for a few months.

The look may seem like quite a change, but most women enjoy the new look and feel of their healthy, natural hair.

Loosen Up

If you are like most African American women, you will wear braids, cornrows, and weaves from time to time. These are attractive hairstyles, but they can cause your hair to thin out and break.

Allow your scalp and hair follicles to breathe by loosening up tight braids and weaves. This will not only protect your hair from breakage, but it will also reduce the risk of further damage and even hair loss.

With the right care, your hair can be strong and beautiful for many years to come. To learn more haircare tips and options in hair loss treatment for African American hair, contact the Parker Trichology Centre in Carrollton, TX at (214) 307-6200.

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