For many women with thinning hair, getting hair extensions Carrollton TX may be an attractive option for easily adding volume and a healthy look. However, many women are easily deterred by the misconception that caring for hair extensions is tedious, or that it will interfere with their normal hair care routines. In fact, if you follow these two incredibly simple steps, not only will your hair extensions last longer, but they’ll be easier to manage.

Hair Extensions Carrollton TX: Washing & Conditioning

Once a week, you will need to wash and condition your hair extensions with a deep moisturizing shampoo, as well as a deep moisturizing conditioner. Doing so will help keep each hair extension looking shiny and healthy. It is very important that you take the “deep moisturizing” to heart with the conditioner, as lighter products will not suffice.

After you have washed the hair extensions, use a sulfate-free leave-in conditioner. Make a point to avoid brands that leave any kind of residue or buildup, as residue will easily damage your extensions. Do not blow dry your hair extensions. Instead, gently blot the extensions dry with a towel or let them air-dry with the leave-in conditioner. If you use the blotting method, make sure to use a soft towel and be extremely gentle. As soon as the conditioner is dry, you are ready to style and go.

Hair Extension Carrollton TX: Moisturize

Moisturizing is also an important element of your hair extension care routine. In the morning, use a moisturizing product formulated for breakage protection. Squirt the product into your hands first, rub together, and then using your fingers, apply the product to each hair extension. Use a downward movement to work your way through the hair from the top to the ends. Once you have applied the moisturizer, use a paddle brush to brush the hair lightly. To prevent tangles, start at the ends and then work your way up. Avoid brushing your hair extensions too much, as this can cause damage.

The way you feel about yourself affects every aspect of your life. Don’t let hair loss or thinning hair stop you from enjoying life and having the confidence you deserve. Hair extensions Carrollton TX is your first step to doing something about it and we can help. If you need hair extensions Carrollton TX or have questions about treatment options for your thinning hair, call the salon at Parker Trichology Center at 214-307-6200 and get the hair you want immediately.

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