Although having thin hair is beneficial in some ways (think easier to manage and not much up-keep) it also has its disadvantages (hello, limp-looking locks). Many Asian women struggle with strands that are less than thick. And when you experience hair thinning, your coif goals can seem even further out of your reach. But, forget that! Embrace your thin hair—just help it become its best self by following these simple tips!

Voluminous Hair Begins With the Correct Cleanser

Asian women often have straight hair that lays flat. While it typically makes for a sleek look, it’s also the perfect design for allowing the scalp’s natural oil to flow freely from the beginning of the strand to the end. A process that usually results in well-moisturized hair that is healthy and shiny.

The downside to having this well-oiled hair, however, is that it can look limp and greasy if you’re not careful. Fine hair can’t stand up to a lot of buildup and requires more cleansing than other types of hair. Not washing frequently enough or using the wrong shampoo can leave your mane looking depleted.

Wash your hair daily or every other day using a clarifying shampoo. These high-powered suds remove oil, product buildup and other material that can suck the life out of your ‘do. Use a clarifying conditioner, as well, but only on the ends. Applying conditioner to your roots can leave them looking oily and weigh down the rest of your hair.

Volumizing shampoos can give your locks the lift they need. Look for a clarifying shampoo that also provides volume and is paraben- and sulfate-free. By starting your styling off with a clean coif, you increase your chances of creating a voluminous ‘do.

Product Makes Perfect

Just like shampoos, not all styling products are created equal. Using products not made for fine or thinning hair are typically too heavy. Instead of giving you the look of a full and thick head of hair, they do the opposite.

Avoid this by using products that are specifically for fine hair, including mousse. Women with thin tresses have long been afraid of applying the foamy fluff to their hair for fear it will drag it down. While this may have been true in the past, today’s mousse is far lighter and more effective. Use a small dollop on wet hair, working it gently in from the roots to the end. For even more volume, flip your hair upside down and apply it then. Remember that a little goes a long way and the more you use, the more weight it puts on your strands.

Use a hair-dryer to activate the volume and finish off the look with dry shampoo, instead of hairspray. This versatile product provides a longer-lasting hold with more body than traditional hairspray. Just spray it and leave it alone.

If you’re struggling with hair thinning, Parker Trichology Centre can help. Located in Carrollton, TX, our hair care professionals have helped many men and women get the full heads of hair they’ve always wanted. Call (214) 307-6200 or visit to learn more!

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