Traction alopecia is the loss of hair to traction and pulling. For some, alopecia treatment in Frisco, TX is available to help. Though this hair loss can be permanent, it is treatable and the causes are entirely within one’s own control. Treatment can only be done if the warning signs are noticed early on. Here are eleven causes of traction alopecia:

  • Having very tight pigtails or ponytails.
  • Having hair tied into tight braids or cornrows.
  • Having hair styled into dreadlocks.
  • Single extension braids.
  • Having hair weaves that are artificially attached via glue, clips or tape.
  • Wearing certain hair clips, slides, or barrettes that hold hair tightly, and are worn in the same position every day.
  • Wearing headbands, regardless of material, day after day.
  • Repeated wearing of tight hairpieces.
  • Wearing tight headgear, such as bicycle helmets, that are worn frequently or for long stretches, and tend to pull or rub the same area of hair repeatedly.
  • Repeated use of hair rollers.
  • Repeated pulling of the hair with the hands. This is actually caused by an emotional condition known as trichotillomania. If this is something you do, then traction alopecia treatment will be ineffective due to the continuation of the cause of the traction alopecia. This will need separate treatment to deal with the emotional condition before effective treatment for the traction alopecia can be done.

If you are someone who has noticed hair loss due to any of the above issues, then the constant tension caused by these behaviors or hairstyles can lead to areas of thinning hair. Thinning tends to happen primarily around the temples or behind the ears. It is also possible to see the part in your hair becoming wider than before. If you notice thinning hair,  it is more than likely you are suffering from traction alopecia, which in turn can cause hair to be pulled from the roots completely, or cause the hair follicles to become inflamed. Inflamed hair follicles can lead to more serious or permanent damage and hair loss.

Luckily if the signs are caught early the damage can be stopped and alopecia traction treatment in Frisco, TX can help. Remember the causes of traction alopecia are entirely controlled by the individual, and with the right help, the effects of traction alopecia can also be stopped and managed. Visit a hair salon experienced in styling hair that is in the early phases of traction alopecia for effective tips and alternative hairstyles to prevent further damage.

If you are needing alopecia traction treatment in Frisco, TX, contact Parker Trichology Center at 214-307-6200 or online at to manage the hair loss and save the hair.

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