One of the most common and unwelcoming side effects of coloring hair is breakage. If you’ve dyed your hair before, you know that the chemicals inside bleach and hair dye are extremely strong and can dry out your hair very quickly.

Dry hair is weak and susceptible to breakage, which usually occurs midway down the hair shaft or close to the root. As hair begins to break and fall off, you may have pieces that are considerably shorter than others. If you think a bad haircut is upsetting, just wait until you’ve got half broken strands of hair sticking up from everywhere. Do not attempt to correct breakage with heat because that will make things worse.

The best and most effective way to avoid breakage is to take proper care of your hair. If you do suffer from breakage, here are eight suggestions to help your hair recover faster and stronger than ever.

Deep condition. Getting moisture to dry and brittle hair is important. Try to use a deep conditioner or hair mask once a week, leaving it in for up to an hour if possible.

Lower the temperature on your styling products.  Take caution and lower the heat on your styling tools.  Increased exposure and heat will only accelerate the breakage and cause more damage.

Use a heat protectant. If you are going to use heat to style your hair, ensure using a heat protecting serum to guard against heat breakage.

Use a detangler. A lightweight detangler can help prevent stretching when brushing out damaged hair.

Skip the topknot. Swapping out your ballerina bun and elastic for a low ponytail and soft scrunchie is a great way to relieve tension on broken hair.

Do treatments before/after color. Use a nourishing hair mask before and after color treatments to aid in repairing disulfide bonds in your hair.

Sleep on silk/charmeuse pillowcase. Use a silk or charmeuse pillowcase to avoid unwanted breakage while you toss and turn in your sleep.

Comb your hair with conditioner in. Combing your hair in the shower with conditioner is the most effective way to protect your hair from breaking or being ripped out.

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