It’s hard enough getting up early in the morning to get ready for work. Add to that unmanageable hair and you have the beginnings of a difficult day. If your hair requires too much time and energy, consider changing to a low maintenance style.

Buzz Cut

A buzzcut refers to a style created with the use of electric clippers. The name buzzcut generally identifies with an extremely short style somewhere between a sixteenth and a half inch in length. This cut requires little maintenance to style but it does need constant upkeep.

Clean Shave

A complete clean shave can free you from your hair and all of the maintenance time and effort you spend to manage it. Keep in mind a bald head needs no styling but it does require regular upkeep.

Crew Cut

Crew cuts were often worn by rowing team members. This style is long on top and tapers down toward the neck. While it may be a complicated style to create, it is easy to manage.

French Crop

A modern style, the French crop requires very little effort. This style adds volume to the top hair through a dome shape. The hair then tapers around the head. The length of the French crop can vary based on your own preference.

Induction Cut

The induction cut is an extreme buzz cut. This style was created by the military and was used on new recruits. It requires no styling or fading and can be achieved at home with your own clippers.

Slick Back Style

This hairstyle is usually short and works well when combined with a fade. All you need is a comb and styling product that will keep your hair in place. In fact, you can even forgo the comb and use your fingers to style your hair.

Taper Cut

One of the most common styles for men is the taper cut. It is achieved with the use of scissors instead of clippers. The style contours the head with shorter hair at the neck and longer hair at the crown. It is fairly simple to manage this style however you may need to spend a little time getting your top hair just the way you want it.

If you are looking for a more manageable style consult with a reliable stylist about all of the styling options available. Be sure to explain what type of cut you want and if possible bring a photo along with you to your appointment.

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