Just like every head of hair is different, so are the strands of hair themselves. Often, the type of hair you have depends on your ethnicity. For instance, people of Asian heritage typically have straight and dark hair. European hair comes in a variety of different textures and colors, while African-American hair is usually coarse and coiled or kinked.

Because of its unique texture, African or African-American type of hair is fragile and prone to breakage. In fact, African-American women often experience hair loss because of their weak strands. Although a black hair salon can offer treatments to help nourish and protect your hair, you can add some new steps to your at-home beauty routine to help your hair get healthy and keep it that way.

Wait on Washing

Don’t make the mistake of washing your hair too frequently. Each time you shampoo, you strip away essential oils that are vital to your hair’s health. Black hair is porous, allowing moisture to come and go as it pleases. Often, this results in dry and brittle strands.

Keep as much oil in your hair as possible by only washing it once a week or every other week. You don’t want to skip shampooing altogether, since it does remove product buildup in your hair, but you don’t want to do it too often. Typically, the happy medium is washing it around the 7-day mark.

When you do wash your hair, condition those tresses each time. Keeping your coif moisturized is essential, and conditioner can do the job. Pay extra attention to the ends, as they are the most fragile and damaged part of your hair.

Plan on Protecting

Applying hot oil treatments twice a month adds moisture and elasticity to your locks. This extra hydration often protects hair from breaking and helps it to look shiny and smooth.

Additionally, use a heat-protecting product in your hair before you style it. Apply this to your wet hair, and it will help to minimize the amount of damage your tresses sustain during styling.

Stop Damage Before It Starts

Although styling and using products on your hair can leave it gorgeous on the outside, inside, your hair tells a different story. Relaxers straighten curly hair and leave it sleek, but they also damage it during the process. Over time, it can become so severe that your hair begins to thin. Deciding to stop using a relaxer and go natural instead isn’t an easy choice; it requires a lot of work and time. However, your hair will likely become much healthier when you stop using harsh chemicals on it.

You’ll also want to avoid hairstyles that are too tight and damaging, as they can pull the hair out or result in thinning.

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