Drinking water is important for so many reasons, but one reason you might not be aware of is that it helps with hair growth! While it’s important to wash your hair with water consistently, drinking water for your hair health can be just as important. We’re going to walk through 5 ways drinking water can improve your hair growth, so if you’ve been looking for some tips, here are a few!

1. Growth 

We know that water and hydration help support our body in many ways, and your hair is no different. Your body is made up of about 80% water, and your hair shaft, similarly, is made up of 25% water. While water replenishes your body and supports its functions, it also stimulates hair follicles by supporting vitamin and mineral absorption.

2. Health

Similar to what we said above, when water stimulates hair follicles by supporting vitamin and mineral absorption, it’s improving the health of your hair simultaneously. By keeping your hair hydrated, you can decrease your chances of running into hair loss, brittle hair, itchiness, and dry hair. 

3. Strength

Our muscles need water to stay strong and healthy, so why wouldn’t our hair need the same? Hydration will keep your hair stronger making it less susceptible to breaking. This leads to healthier hair overall which can lead to growth. 

4. Less Damage

When you’re dehydrated, your hair can become brittle and susceptible to damage and breakage. It’s important to stay hydrated and healthy so your hair absorbs water and appears fuller. Dry hair tends to shrink down and cause more damage. Therefore, you should drink more water and stay hydrated to avoid further damage to your hair. 

5. Flushing Out Toxins

When you keep your body well-hydrated, the water flushes out toxins from your body. It does the same with your hair. Water will flush out toxins from your hair, keeping it healthier than when you don’t drink water. When you don’t drink water and toxins linger, they disrupt hair growth. It sounds awful to have toxins ruining your hair, so stay hydrated!

If you want to speak to someone about how water can improve hair growth and how it can get better, contact Parker Trichology today! Our professionals can sit down with you to discuss all things hair growth and find the right solution for you. Everyone’s hair is different, so what works for some, might not work for you and that’s okay! We’ll help you figure out what’s right for you, so call us today to set up an appointment.