Trichotillomania is defined as the compulsive act of pulling out one’s hair. These episodes are not only surrounded by stress and anxiety, but usually with noticeable hair loss, as well. Much of the time, this behavior is pulled from an unconscious area and is difficult to manage in any situation. If it persists long enough, trichotillomania may result in permanent hair loss or skin damage. There are particular symptoms and treatments for those in Carrollton, TX, who deal with this unique type of hair loss. For hair loss prevention, it is important to know the best way to handle trichotillomania.


People with trichotillomania are often not aware that they are pulling out their hair. As such, they may act defensively if confronted about the behavior. The hair may be pulled from one’s head, face or arms, or anywhere hair is prevalent. There is not necessarily a mood that triggers the episode, but the result is usually a state of relief and pleasure. Those who deal with this hair loss tend to cover their bare skin, wearing hats, scarves, long shirts and false eyelashes. In some cases, those who have these episodes spend less time in social situations and may stop venturing out in public altogether to avoid stares. Distinguishing a loved one with trichotillomania may be difficult, given the active cover-ups.


Cognitive therapy is usually relied upon for the treatment of trichotillomania. There is a two-step process to handling the compulsive disorder: removing the urge and refocusing the behavior. This is known as habit- reversal training. Finding the trigger that promotes the hair pulling can help to make an individual more conscious of their situations and reasons that lead to hair-pulling episodes. Once the triggers are established, the next step in treatment is finding a way to reroute the behavior pattern from trigger to hair loss. Defining a safe behavioral alternative to hair pulling will put individuals on a fast track to hair restoration. Once the episodes slow, finding a business that specializes in hair loss can recreate the hair you love.

Just because you or a loved one have suffered from trichotillomania does not mean you have to live with permanent hair loss. When you want to take the next step towards battling hair loss in Carrollton, TX, trust the professionals at Parker Trichology Centre who work with you to give you back your hair. To learn more, give them a call today at (214) 307-6200.

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