Experiencing hair loss is difficult for just about anyone, but even more so for women. Females tend to associate their beauty with their hair, whether it is long and luxurious or short and sassy. When their hair begins to thin out or starts falling out in chunks, they can feel like they’re losing their femininity and can go through a variety of different emotions. Fortunately, female hair loss regrowth options are available, but unless the women affected seek this type of treatment, many can experience the following forms of emotional distress.

Feelings of Unattractiveness

Women tend to associate their beauty with their hair, and when they begin to lose it, they feel unattractive. They often believe that their partners or others won’t find them attractive anymore, and they may fear to lose them or never find a significant other. They may also fear that they will lose their friends if they don’t have the same appearance they did when they first met.


Feeling as though you aren’t beautiful takes a significant toll on a person’s psyche. It’s not uncommon for women who experience hair loss to suffer from feelings of depression. They may find it hard to look in the mirror, for fear they will see this person looking back at them that they don’t recognize, or one that they think isn’t beautiful.

Because of this low self-esteem, they may find that getting out of bed is difficult. They may refuse to leave the house. They may simply give up on making an effort.

Dealing With Hair Loss

Along with taking advantage of the many female hair loss regrowth options that are available, you can cope with your hair loss by using a number of different mechanisms.

First, you should remind yourself that having thin hair or a bald spot isn’t life-threatening. It’s true that losing your hair is unpleasant and can hit your self-esteem where it counts, but you can live a very fulfilled life even if you don’t have the hair you want.

You should also remember that your hair doesn’t define you. Your partner became your partner because he or she fell in love with your personality. Your friends like to hang around you because they enjoy spending time with you. Your hair has nothing to do with your relationships.

Professionals Can Help You Find Permanent Solutions

Hairstylists can work with you to help you find a temporary solution to your hair problems by creating styles that hide your hair loss. The professionals at the Parker Trichology Centre in Carrollton, TX, however, can help you find a permanent solution with our many female hair loss regrowth options. Set up a consultation by calling 214-307-6200 and get started on your hair rebuilding process.

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