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Just like the seasons change so do hairstyles and products used. Black hair salons in Frisco TX and other cities understand the need and desire for change when it comes to hair. Long to short, curly to straight, color to the beautiful ebony of birth and countless other changes come and go. No matter what you do to it, hair will eventually grow back and you can try something different. It is never the end of the world with hair, just give it a little time.

Black hair salons in Frisco TX are noting the rise in the number of women who are saying no to chemicals and yes to natural. For years many black women were opting to create a smooth straight look for their hair but not so much any longer. Embracing the natural beauty of their curls is the latest in hair styles.  Some might call it a flashback to the days of the “Mod Squad” the hair of the sixties, there is something to love and embrace in the natural curl. There are many who would give anything to have just a little of it.

Some who are choosing to go natural call it embracing themselves. To some it is an acceptance of themselves. Our hair says something about our identity.

Consumer groups have found that hair relaxer sales have lost over 50 million dollars in sales. At the same time products that help with the maintenance of natural hair are climbing.

Products such as moisturizers, curl creams, setting lotions and various other products are increasing. Even though it is a natural look there are products to help with upkeep, shine and overall health of the natural hair.

When the first black women began returning to the natural look questions were asked as to why they choose to do go what some considered backwards. Now with the change in trends they ask these same women what products they are using..

The cost of the “straight” look could be very expensive. Woman are not shocked to be spending 100 dollars per month on a salon visit because that is not uncommon.. No matter what the choice of style sometimes taking care of your hair can be a major hardship on the wallet. Money and time can become a bit too much for some and that was a motivating factor in trying the natural look.

Whatever your desires for your hair Parker Trichology, a black hair salon in Frisco TX welcomes you to come and let us see how we can help. Our trained professionals understand how important your hair is and what it says about you.  Let us help you find the perfect frame for your face…

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