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Foods that Promote Hair Growth

Many people want strong, healthy hair. Who doesn’t? Although you can’t change your genetics or age, your diet can improve your hair’s quality. Even a lack of some nutrients leads to hair loss! To prevent that from happening, Parker Trichology is here to tell you about which foods promote healthy hair and growth.  Foods that Promote Healthy Hair Eggs Eggs... Read more
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Pregnancy and Hair Loss

Some women experience hair loss during and after pregnancy. Hair loss is a common occurrence due to many different factors. If you notice a change in the amount of hair you are losing, don’t be alarmed. It is typical and can continue up to six months after you’ve given birth. Here is some information on pregnancy and hair loss that... Read more
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Effective Forms of Hair Restoration

Hair loss is always a challenging issue to deal with. Procedures for hair restoration can be too expensive or seem too risky for many patients. Parker Trichology is aware of this. That’s why we want to give you information on some non-surgical hair restoration options. These methods are less invasive, which most people are more comfortable with. Hair Restoration Methods... Read more
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Preventing Hair Breakage At Home

There are few things more frustrating dealing with hair breakage. The problem just does not seem to want to go away, and it prevents you from getting your hair how you want it to look. Hair breakage problems are one of the most common issues that bring patients into the Parker Trichology Center and Salon in Carrollton, TX. Hair breakage... Read more
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Do Hair Transplants Work?

With so many different hair restoration procedures out there, figuring out which ones work and which ones do not, is incredibly important. From non-invasive to surgical procedures, there are tons of them! However, one that receives a lot of attention is the hair transplant. While hair transplants just sound like a permanent fix, there are lots of misconceptions surrounding this... Read more