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If you are an African-American woman, you know that you have unique hair needs that only a black hair salon in Frisco, TX can help with.  Like most women in the world, regardless of race, black women have a love-hate relationship with their hair; but unlike Caucasian or Asian women, the structure of black hair may be the reason for many of the issues black women have with their hair.  Black hair is flatter and has more directional twists than hair of other races.  Because of that, the sebum, the oily substance produced by the sebaceous gland to keep our skin from drying out, can’t adequately coat the hair to keep it from becoming dry and brittle.

◖ Hair Washing

Because black women have dry, brittle hair, it can break easily and begin to thin as a result of hairstyling (like braiding and the application of weaves) that involve tugging and pulling of hair.  The American Academy of Dermatology recommends washing once a week or every other week to remove the residue of hair products that can dry the hair out.  They also recommend conditioning with every wash, paying special attention to the older, more fragile hair ends.  Additionally, if you work out on a regular basis, you should rinse your hair with water after working out to remove sweat and drying salt from your hair.

◖ Hair Products

Hair care products for black women should contain natural ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, aloe vera gel or glycerine that will help hair retain moisture.  Shampoo should not contain sulfates, which can dry hair, especially hair that’s washed frequently.  For conditioners to work well, they should contain wheat proteins, amino acids, hydrolyzed proteins or panthenol, a provitamin of B5.  To add additional moisture to hair, apply hot oil treatments twice a month.

◖ Hair Styling

If you want chemically-relaxed hair, the procedure should be done by a black hair salon in Frisco, TX to minimize hair damage and to ensure that the product is applied safely.  If you want to press your hair, or straighten it with heat, use ceramic combs and irons with a dial temperature setting and make sure to press no more than once a week.  If you want to braid, cornrow or add a weave to your hair, don’t let your stylist pull your hair too tight as this can cause hair loss.  If you feel pain during the process, then damage is being done to your hair and scalp.  If you begin to notice that your hair is thinning or that your hairline seems to be receding, make an appointment with a dermatologist right away.

If you find yourself needing professional help with your hair, call the best black hair salon in Frisco, TX, Parker Trichology Centre, at (214) 307-6200.  At Parker Trichology Centre, we know black hair and we can give it the care it deserves.  Visit us online at to learn more about us.

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